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Wallpapers For Your Journal

Wallpaper Tiles
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All Members , Moderated


This community is moderated by aerdens_icons.

Welcome to the Wallpaper Tiles Community! This is a place open to artists and art seekers, where you can post wallpaper tiles which you have created, browse posted tiles, or request artists to make tiles from images you provide. The community rules are simple and few:


  1. Post one teaser image, and put the rest of your images behind an LJ cut. In the link text of the LJ cut, indicate how many images are behind the cut. If you do not know how to do an LJ cut, go here.
  2. Images of a sexually explicit or violent nature should be posted elsewhere.
  3. Please submit wallpaper tiles or friends-only banners, only. Icons should be submitted to other communities, such as icons.
  4. Please write your posts in correct English. People posting in netspeak will be banned.

Art Seekers

  1. Yes, we do take requests. If you would like an image or part of an image made into a seamless tile, this can be done.
  2. Please save images to your own webspace. Hotlinking is not permitted here. If you need a place to save images, try Photobucket or use your LJ Scrapbook. Or store them in a Greatestjournal.
  3. Please write your posts in correct English. People using netspeak will be banned. Yes, really.